Foenix Ware Studios is a new development team made up of bright band of indie developers. Originally organized in 2015 by Fynn Schwichtenberg Foenix Ware has been working on developing the next generation of apps and games. It has been our mission from the very beginning to be an open-minded studio whose products are gratifying to its customers, yet always a step ahead of modern tech. 

For many years to come, it will be our pleasure to bring you the entertainment and joy we envision in our future world. 

Fynn Schwichtenberg


Louis Alexandre

3D Artist

Nitin Patel

Graphic Designer

Dhanin Thirumurugan


Mohammad Ali Zahid

Concept Artist

Subhadip Giri

Unity Developer

Napoleon Baca

Sound Designer

Shanukumar J.

Unity Developer

Enrique Couttolenc

Sound Designer

Naresh Solanki

Graphic Designer

Nadeeshan Athukorala

3D Artist

Mukesh Khanna

Video Designer

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